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General Tab



Steel Design Method:Select ASD or LRFD methods for design of steel pile


Use Tie-Backs:Select none, one, two, or three.  If any tie-backs are used, they are located by their distance from the top of the pile.


Bottom of pile is assumed to be: This is a conditional input.  It is only available when tie-backs are used, which triggers a stiffness analysis using Structural Engineering Library's 2D Frame program in the background.  The pile is modeled in segments from spanning between tie-backs.  The bottom segment spans from the lowest tie-back to the bottom of the embedment depth.  This setting controls whether that lowest support is considered fixed or pinned with regard to rotation.


Lateral Earth Pressure Method:This is a conditional input.  It is only available when tie-backs are not used.  When it is available, it allows the use of Rankine Active Pressure or Equivalent Fluid Pressure methods.  When tie-backs are used, the pressure is applied as described on the Soil Pressure Reference tab.


Retained Height, ft: Distance between the final excavated grade and the retained height at the top grade.


Soil Phi, degrees: Angle of internal friction of the retained material, usually obtained from the geotechnical engineer.


Soil Density, pcf: Density of the retained soil, usually 100 to 130 pcf.


Surcharge top of soil at retained side, psf: Surcharge on upper grade such as for equipment, materials, or contingencies.


Backfill Slope, degrees: Slope of the backfill measured in degrees from horizontal.


Passive Pressure, psf/ft: Passive pressure in pcf.  When using Rankine active soil pressure method, passive pressure is calculated as (1/Ka)*(soil density).  When using EFP, the passive pressure is a user input.


Apply S.F. to Passive Pressure: Safety factor that will be applied to the above passive pressure, typically 1.5.


Neglect this height of Passive Pressure @ Top:Allows a specified height of passive pressure to be ignored for resistance, such as if the soil was likely to be frost disturbed or otherwise unsuitable to resist lateral pressure.


Multiplier on Ka*Gamma*H:This is a conditional input.  It is only available when tie-backs are used.  The Soil Pressure Reference tab shows how the soil pressure distribution is developed.  This factor allows the user to fine tune the pressure value.