Just a Minute! Please Read this First

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Just a Minute!  Please Read This First

We know you want to jump right in, but even if you are upgrading from a previous version, please read through this User's Manual first. True, you may not need to, especially since the program is quite intuitive and helpful prompts are everywhere, but a read-through will be an excellent investment of 30 minutes of your time.

We assure you that you will save time by doing this - and perhaps an unnecessary phone call to us. Nearly all of the entries are explained, and in particular, you should read the Methodology / Analysis & Design Assumptions section of the respective wall modules that you plan to use.

And again, a reminder to check our Website often at www.retainpro.com.

We occasionally release updates with changes and/or enhancements.  You will be notified of these by our auto-update feature where you will be notified automatically if any are available.

This manual is available in pdf format under the Help & Tutorials Menu.

If you change your email address you MUST notify us at www.retainpro.com/support, or you will not receive our  newsletters or other announcements.