Stability Tab (Restrained Walls only)

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Stability (Restrained Walls)

For Restrained Walls the Stability sub-tab will appear, summarizing the conditions regarding base fixity and base lateral restraint.




A banner displays whether a slab is present to resist base sliding (box checked on Footing > Key Design tab) and whether fixed or pinned at base, as previously selected on the Stem tab.


The reaction at the top restraint is displayed.


The Sliding forces are displayed.


For analyzing the stem, if it is assumed “pinned” at the bottom (option is located on the Stem tab), and a slab is not present to resist sliding, then the theoretical overturning of the footing due to the reaction at the base of the stem, is the horizontal reaction at the bottom of the stem times the thickness of the footing.


If slab restraint is provided, the moment applied to the footing is the total vertical load times its eccentricity from the center of the footing. This moment is displayed (on the Stability tab) and is used to compute soil pressure.