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Glossary of Installation, Activation & Licensing Terms

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Activation – the process of obtaining permission to run a seat of RetainPro in “Licensed & Activated” mode.  Activation is performed after installation.


Changes – alterations to the software that typically consist of bug fixes, spelling corrections, layout modifications, or system-wide behavioral modifications.


Enhancements – alterations to the software that generally consist of new modules, new calculations, or new codes and design standards. 


Flex License – a license where the associated seat or seats must be activated via the Internet Activation system or by Manual Activation.


Installation – one instance of a piece of software being installed on a computer.  You install a piece of software, but by way of comparison, you do not install a “license”. 


Internet Activation – the process of obtaining permission to run a seat of RetainPro in “Licensed & Activated” mode by entering the Product Control Code into the software and transmitting a request for activation over the Internet to ENERCALC’s Activation Server.  This process does not happen every time the software is launched on a given machine (unless the user has chosen automatic activation & deactivation).


License – described by the License Agreement that the user has entered into with ENERCALC.  It can be thought of as something that is associated one-to-one with a KW User Registration number and that indicates how many “seats” are in the user’s “pool”.  A “license” is intangible.  A “license” is not delivered in the delivery email…that is a Product Control Code (PCC) or a Manual Activation Code (MAC).  A “license” is not installed…software is installed.  A “license” is not activated or a seat of RetainPro can be activated or deactivated.   


Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) – a fee-based agreement that entitles the user to technical support and to any and all Changes or Enhancements released in the form of Updates during the term of the agreement.


Manual Activation – the process of activating an installation with a machine-specific Manual Activation Code.  It can be used on “Flex Licenses”.  If it is not possible to connect to ENERCALC’s Activation Server via the Internet, a user can request a Manual Activation whereby we email a Manual Activation Code that gets pasted into the program to provide a machine-specific activation.  Note!  Manual Activation is not as convenient as Internet Activation, because a Manual Activation cannot be shuttled between computers like an Internet Activation can.


Manual Activation Code –  describes the machine-specific text string that ENERCALC emails to a user in order to allow them to perform a manual activation.  


Manual License Activation – somewhat of a misnomer, and a term to be avoided.  Since there is no “Manual License”, the term “Manual License Activation” is not as technically accurate as its preferred replacement, which is “Manual Activation”. 


Pool – the collection of seats as dictated by the user’s license.  The “pool” may actually be a “pool” of one, as is the case when a user only has a single seat.  The user’s “pool” can be thought of as existing in the ENERCALC Activation Server. 


Registered – formerly used as a synonym to the term “Activated”.  Since we now refer to “activation” systems elsewhere, the term “Registered” is being phased out.  The term “Activated” is now preferred.


Seat – one instance of RetainPro.  


Single-License/Individual License – predecessor to the term “Flex Licenses”.  The associated seat or seats must be activated via the Internet Activation system or by Manual Activation.


Subscription - a fee-based arrangement that grants usage of the RetainPro software for a finite period of time, including all Changes and Enhancements, as well as technical support. Usage and support ends when the subscription expires or is cancelled. 


Update – a new build of the software, or the process of installing a new build.  This is something that is downloaded from the website and executed on the user’s machine.  An Update can contain “Changes” and/or “Enhancements”.


Upgrade – the process of bringing a piece of software up to the latest build when the Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) has lapsed for more than one month.  This has a fee associated with it, and the fee is in addition to the cost of the new MSP.  Also denotes a fee-based modification of a license to a higher level of functionality, i.e. “Upgrade from RetainPro 9 to RetainPro 10”.