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Printing Issues

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I cannot print graphics and get a message "Could not create a printer device context, therefore the image can't be printed".


RetainPro uses the printer's device context to create the graphics it intends to print. This in turn requires the ability for RetainPro to obtain the printer's device context. It is the printer's driver that supplies the printer's device context. Thus, it appears that some drivers do not provide a device context, such as possibly certain implementations of "Post Script", that is needed by RetainPro or perhaps the printer's device driver simply cannot handle the output of RetainPro via the supplied device context.


It appears that for network printers, the full driver is not installed on the clients, only that portion that is sufficient to transmit the necessary information over the network to the printer. In this case, the client driver does not provide a sufficient device context for RetainPro to use.


Possible solutions for network printers are to install the full driver on the local computer or possibly using a different language, such as PCL rather than Post Script. We hope this helps.


Any information you can provide regarding any problem and any solutions you discover would be greatly appreciated so that we can pass it along. In the mean time, we will be looking into the matter so that we can eliminate the problem altogether.