Load Factors

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Load Factors

This tab allows the code-specified load factors to be reviewed and edited if necessary.





Load Type / Load Factors


For each type of load (DL, LL, etc) the default factor will be displayed. These values can be edited for the current design.  If desired, the edit values can be made the default for future designs by clicking the button labeled "Set These Factors As Defaults". Remember to review these factors for each new design since they are editable.


The factors shown on this tab apply to Strength Design (concrete stem sections and footing, and masonry design when LRFD is selected). For Allowable Strength Design for masonry, factors are generally set to 1.0 except that the earthquake factor (E) is 0.7, and for IBC 2012/CBC 2013, the wind load factor (W) is set to 0.6 to convert strength-level loads to service-level loads.