Program Limitations

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Program Limitations

These are a few of the limitations associated with RetainPro:


Water table calculation is not valid for a fluid other than water, nor is this feature available for restrained walls.


Restrained walls can be of only one material (concrete or masonry) and only be 100% fixed at base, or 100% pinned at base – no intermediate degrees of fixity.


.DXF files created for restrained walls show only a scale depiction of the wall, without reinforcing. The program will display reinforcing selected from the design, however, the designer and CAD person will need to insert and detail the reinforcing per the specific design intent. Similarly, details at the top of the wall will need to be input, since conditions are too numerous (e.g. ledgers, connections for concentrated loads, architectural details). Horizontal reinforcing must also be chosen and input. DXF file creation is not currently available for segmental walls.


Since segmental wall design can be highly complex some design assumptions have been made (and stated on the feature) to simplify the program while still covering most conditions encountered.


For tiered (“piggyback”) walls, global stability is not checked.