What's New in RetainPro

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What's New in RetainPro

For a complete list of all features see List of Features at www.retainpro.com.


If you’re upgrading from RetainPro 10, new features include:


Enhanced Segmental Retaining Wall module coordinated with NCMA Design Manual for Segmental Retaining Walls, 3rd Edition

Block & Geogrid Editor.


Numerous fixes and enhancements.

Modified user interface - improved spatial arrangement and ability to dynamically adjust display size.



If you’re upgrading from RetainPro 9, new features include:


Full support for IBC 2012/CBC 2013.


Numerous fixes and enhancements.New software activation system - Internet Activation system allows you to install on as many computers as you wish, and allows you to move your activation easily from one computer to another.

New installation design - no more pop-up messages to ask if you want to check for updates every time you launch, no more security messages related to UAC.

Modified user interface - improved spatial arrangement and optimized aspect ratio to better fit more screens


If you’re upgrading from version 2007, new features include:

Soldier pile walls - Enter all criteria and this module computes max. Bending in beams and lagging and computes embedment depth required.


Gabion &  large block multi-wythe SRWs - Design rock-filled wire basket gabion gravity walls.  Also multi-block depth stacked large blocks.


SRW wall seismic design update - Seismic design for segmental walls now updated for new NCMA provisions.


Added seismic design options - New entry option for geotechnical report presented in differing format.


Now input wind or seismic load in either direction - Handy for analyzing free-standing walls for most critical loading.


More equations in Equation Menu - Added allowable moment for masonry sections, both ASD and LRFD.


New User’s Manual - A significant reorganization and presentation of the assistance and instructions.


New footing option for restrained walls - Check stem-footing interface for uniform soil bearing.


New Design Status dashboard - This caution bar alerts you of problems and advises remedies.


QuickHelp now available for every screen - New User’s Manual keyed to corresponding screen.