What You Can Do With RetainPro

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What You Can Do With RetainPro

This is a powerful program that you can use to design or check nearly any configuration or loading conditions for cantilevered, restrained, gravity, and segmental retaining walls. The design methodology follows accepted engineering practice, as described in later sections, and is in accordance with applicable provisions of ACI 318-05, -08, -11, and -14, ACI 530-05, -08, -11, and -13, TMS 402-16, IBC 2006, IBC 2009, IBC 2012,  IBC 2015, and IBC 2018, NEHRP 2003, ASCE 7-05, ASCE 7-10, ASCE 7-16, CBC 2010, CBC 2013, CBC 2016 and CBC 2019.


Here is a listing of design capabilities contained in RetainPro:

Cantilevered Stem wall can have up to five different stem sections, of either masonry or concrete, each with a different thickness and/or reinforcing size and spacing. You may also include a weightless fence on top of the wall. Concrete stem can be tapered on inside face (cantilevered walls only).

Restrained walls with lateral support near top and base either fixed or pinned.

Gravity walls.

Soldier pile walls.

Gabion and “large block” walls

Segmental retraining walls – gravity or with geogrids.

Select applicable building code and program automatically inserts load factors, all of which can be changed or set as default

Surcharges on either side of the wall.

Sloped backfill.

Axial dead and live load applied to the top of the wall, with eccentricity.

Wind acting on a wall projection above grade.

Option for drilled cast-in-place pier foundation (cantilevered walls).

Wall Wizard for quick-start data entry (cantilevered walls).

Optional Visual Input data entry screen (cantilevered walls).

Add lateral loads against the stem -- uniform or concentrated (impact) loads.

Effect of an adjacent footing behind the wall, line or point loading.

For water retention, allows different densities on each side of wall.

Water table conditions (two levels of active pressure).

Option to use user-defined active and passive pressure or input angle of internal friction and program will compute pressures using the Coulomb formulas.

Add seismic forces per Mononobe-Okabe equations, including wall self-weight. Seismic loading for cantilevered, restrained, and segmental walls.

Specify percent passive and frictional resistance to be used to prevent sliding.

Specify sliding resistance to be provided by cohesion or by friction.

With the built-in AutoCAD® utility you can create a .DXF file of your design to import to your CAD program (AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® LT, QuickCAD, and others) to create a scale drawing for inclusion in your drawings, or print on your printer.

On-screen graphics to view input loading conditions and wall geometry.

Database files to keep track of your designs, with capability to add, edit, delete, copy, and print a design.

Automatic sizing of footing

Customize your title block for printouts...even add your logo.

Nearly all values (wall weights, factors, stresses, and dimensions) can be modified or set as default values.

Extensive online Help System.

Warning messages for overstress conditions.

Comprehensive 8.5" x 11" report printouts, including thumbnail sketch of wall.

Equation Menu for quick solving of many complex retaining wall equations.