Starting Your First Wall Design

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Starting Your First Wall Design

1.For your first wall design, launch RetainPro and click Create a Project File in the Project Assistant.


2.On the Create New RetainPro Project File dialog give it a name, such as Practice Walls, or if you have a project ready to start, use the name of the project.  Think of this as a file where you will keep all the walls you design for this project.  After naming the file, click Save.


3.You’ll now see a blank screen (it will fill up as you design walls for this project).


4.Click Insert and you will have a screen with choices for the types of walls the program can design.


5.When you select a wall type, you will first get a screen to enter the information about the wall (for example: “12 ft East Property Line Wall”).  What you enter will appear on your printouts.


6.When you are done experimenting with this wall calculation, click the Save & Exit button in the upper right corner of the screen.


7. To continue, refer to the tutorial topic for the specific type of wall you have selected.