First Time Familiarization

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First Time Familiarization

1.For a first time familiarization tour, from the Project Assistant (the opening screen) select Open a Project File.


2.Select Examples.RPX and click Open.


3.Select EX-1 (or any other) and click Edit.




5.Look over the View tab screen to see what values you can enter there.  Note that IF you enter data, this drawing will not change scale, but if you were to click on the Construction tab at upper right, you WOULD see changes reflected.


6.Click on each of the tabs, and their sub-tabs, from left to right.  You will be entering data on these tabs as you do your design.  The far right tab, Calc Info, is where you enter specific information about the wall you’re designing which will appear on your printout.


7.Click on the four tabs on the right window (Results, Construction, Wall Loading, and Diagram), just to see what they show.


8.Click on Settings > User Information in the main menu. This would be a good time to enter your registration information.  You can also use the Printing & Title Block tab for information you want to appear put on your printout and to import a logo for your printouts.


9.Close the Global Settings window and click on the Stem tab.  This is an important tab for designing the stem.


10.Click on the Help button at upper right, then click on the various selections to see what’s there.


11.Click Cancel > No to return you to the Project Files directory, then click the Close button on the left end of the toolbar.  Finally, click File > Exit to close RetainPro.