Design Parameters Tab

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Design Parameters Tab





Retained Height: Displays the retained height based on block coursing and geometry entered on the Block & Geogrid tab.


Embedment: Depth below grade (on the low side) to top of setting pad. Usually one block course or 1’-0”.


Base Pad Depth: Thickness of the base pad.


Backfill Slope: Select the backfill slope from the drop-down list box.  


Soil Density, Exterior (in-situ): Enter the density of the native soil beyond the backfill zone and under the base.


Soil Density, Interior (backfill): Enter the density of the backfill material (typically granular soil or gravel).


Soil Phi, Exterior (in-situ): Enter the angle of internal friction of in-situ soil.


Soil Phi, Interior (backfill):Enter the angle of internal friction of the backfill soil.


Allowable Soil Bearing Pressure:Enter the allowable soil bearing pressure.


Minimum Acceptable Factors of Safety: Specify the minimum acceptable factors of safety for each of the different failure modes, or click the reset button to easily reset all values to defaults as per NCMA Table 5-2.