Choose Add Method Dialog

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Choose Add Method Dialog

When the Project Manager is displayed, clicking the Insert button will produce the following dialog:




On this screen you select the type of wall you would like to design, or copy values from a previously designed wall, or use Wall Wizard.


After selecting Cantilevered, Restrained, Segmental, Soldier Pile, Tapered, Gravity, or Gabion Wall, you will jump to the start of your wall design, where you can enter the Wall Specific Title Block Information. Having selected the type of wall you would like to design, the subsequent criteria and Stem Design Screens will automatically be set for this type of wall design.


If you select Copy All Values from Highlighted Wall, the program will create an exact copy of the currently highlighted wall with all the values from that wall still in place. This will allow you to use the bulk of a previous design and only modify those specific items as necessary for the new wall design. This is handy, for example, if you're making a series of designs for changing heights or conditions along a long length of wall (e.g., retaining 12', 10', 8', 6', and 4').  Note: This button will be blank when creating a new file, as there will be no existing walls to copy.


Tip: If you use the Copy All Values from Highlighted Wall option, remember to update the data on the Calc Info tab so the new calc will be saved separately.


Selecting Wall Wizard will open a series of questions to answer about your specific design. The answers will be used to establish a new design calculation, which you can then edit and  bring to completion. When you become familiar with RetainPro you may not use Wall Wizard. Wall Wizard is available for cantilevered, restrained, tapered, and gravity walls only.


Clicking View/Print Tutorial will display a drop-down menu to select a topic to help you get started. The Tutorials are also available from the Help button on the Tool Bar.


Clicking Cancel will return to the Project Manager.