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Manual Activation

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Can you explain Manual Activation?


Manual Activation should be regarded as a last resort to activating the Structural Engineering Library (SEL), because it lacks some of the important advantages that can be provided by the other activation methods.


An installation of the SEL can be manually activated by entering a Manual Activation Code that is generated by ENERCALC and emailed to you.  The important thing to understand is that a Manual Activation Code is machine-specific.  It knows the name of the computer from which the request was generated, and the code will ONLY work on that computer.  It will not work on any other computer, so it does not permit license sharing.  It will also require that you request another code if you move the software to a different computer.


The only advantage offered by Manual Activation is the fact that it requires absolutely no Internet connectivity.  However its disadvantages are significant, so it is not to be regarded as a "regular" activation option.  ENERCALC will make every attempt to help you get activated by using the Internet Activation system or the Network License Manager before issuing a Manual Activation Code.  In addition, it may be necessary for you to issue a statement to ENERCALC indicating that you have manually deactivated all other installations of the SEL before a Manual Activation Code is issued.


Some notes of interest:


If there is no ability to provide Internet connectivity even for the brief initial activation, a Manual Activation Code can be issued to activate an installation of the SEL or to activate the NLM.

Keep in mind that ENERCALC uses the Internet to distribute regular updates to both the SEL and the NLM.  If you truly have no Internet connection, your system will not be able to discover those updates and offer them to you as they become available.  Keeping your system up-to-date will become a manual operation if you do not connect to the Internet on at least a periodic basis.




Do you have the steps for Manual Activation in printed form?


You can access them with the following link: