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Sharing One or More Internet Activated Seats Among Multiple Computers

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How can I conveniently share one or more Internet Activated seats among multiple computers?


Here’s how you can do it:


1.Launch RetainPro on computer #1.

2.If the Project Assistant is displayed, click the Close button.

3.Click License > Software Activation.

4.Click the Internet Deactivate button.

5.Click the Internet Activate button. 

6.In the Select Activation Type dialog, click the option for Automatic Activation and Deactivation.

7.Click the "Click Here to Activate" button in the Select Activation Type dialog.  The User Info & Licensing Information dialog will now indicate “Licensed & Activated Software”.

8.Click the Continue to Program button in the User Info & Licensing Information dialog.

9.Click File > Exit.  (Because of the way you just configured the activation dialog, closing the program on this computer returns your activation to the Activation Server so it will be available for you regardless of where you launch from next time.)

10.Now launch RetainPro on computer #2.

11.Repeat steps 2 through 9 on computer #2.

12.Repeat steps 10 and 11 on additional computers if necessary.


With this configuration you can automatically share your Internet Activated seat(s) among multiple computers.  This is an effective way to configure multiple computers to draw from a "pool" of individual licenses via the Internet Activation system.