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Keeping my MSP Current

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Why should I keep my MSP current?


ENERCALC strives to provide timely releases of RetainPro, referred to as "builds".


All users are entitled to download and install the latest builds as they become available.  Builds can contain alterations to the software that fall into two different categories: "changes" and "enhancements".


"Changes" can include things like system wide modifications to the way RetainPro functions, GUI alterations, spelling corrections, and bug fixes.


"Enhancements" are modifications that represent increased functionality, such as new calculation modules, implementation of new building codes and referenced design standards, and significant new features.  If a user downloads and installs a new build that contains enhancements, but their MSP has been allowed to lapse, then those new features will be grayed out as being inaccessible unless and until the MSP has been reinstated.


An active MSP also allows you to receive technical support.


Your MSP can be renewed using the following link: