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Allowing my MSP to Lapse

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What if I allow my MSP to lapse?


Your software continues to operate.  However, your software will NOT be allowed access to any enhancements. While we will continue to release new builds over time, you will not have access to those newer builds.


Your installation will stay significantly new modules will be added, and no functionality will be removed.  


Users with expired MSPs are no longer eligible to receive technical support.  However we will still assist with installation of the last software version you were eligible for when your plan was active (not expired) for 12 months following expiration.  After that, providing support is at our discretion.


If you allow your MSP to lapse for more than some critical period of time set by Company Policy, an Upgrade Fee will be assessed to the account if the MSP is renewed.  The Upgrade Fee is calculated on a monthly basis since the date that the MSP expired, and its purpose is to cover the development and enhancements that have been introduced into the program since that date.


MSPs expired for more than two years cannot be renewed.