The engineering student of the early 21st century is in an interesting position compared to their predecessors. With the near complete use of computers in engineering analysis a student is tempted to pass over a detailed education of the fundamentals of structural mechanics and settle for “C” level grades in their classes.

RetainPro believes it is imperative that engineering students be very well educated in the very roots of structural mechanics and have extensive hand-calculation knowledge of structural engineering. Only by the repeated torture of continually performing hand calculations can one acquire a deep level of understanding of the various contributing elements of sound structural design…..a task that at its very basis is needed to protect human life.

Most universities are developing their curriculum to educate the student in both hand calculations and computer technology. And in that duality the student can determine why the software is telling them their hand calculations are wrong….or more delightfully for the student that they have proved the computer wrong!

At RetainPro we would like our software to assist the engineers of tomorrow with their educational pursuits. In support of this we offer an academic license. The university professor will submit a request and we will provide unlock codes so that the software will work for the term of the class and display user information for the school, professor and class term.

Academic licenses may be granted for a specific class term. Applications are offered to professors and instructors only.

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