Flexible Licensing

RetainPro offers has a very flexible and convenient licensing software activation system.

With our Flex License you are allowed to install the software on any computer you might use and enter a "Product Control Code" which we assign.

RetainPro must be "activated" on your computer. Activation is a simple button click that has the RetainPro contact our sever and get activation permission.

When you want to use RetainPro on a different computer simply "Internet Deactivate" your current computer and then "Internet Activate" on the new one.

We simplify the process further, giving you the option to automatically deactivate when you finish a worksession or automatically activate when you begin.

With our Internet license management ("Activation") system you can easily move your license between your computers without the fuss of contacting us or using USB keys. An Internet connection is only needed at the moment of activation.....your software will continue to stay activated until you decide to deactivate it. You can simultaneously use the number of "seats" that you purchased on any computer you like.

This means you can have RetainPro installed on any computer you choose and just activate whichever one you desire. Our system makes sure you are limited to the maximum numberof "seats" that you purchased.

We don't use machine specific licensing or USB keys which are considered inconvenient. Our Internet Activation needs only a momentary Internet connection when you activate the software (using standard secure https over port 443).

Learn about our academic licensing program