RetainPro Overview

RetainPro helps civil and structural engineers save time and improve accuracy when designing and analyzing earth retention structures.

You can easily and accurately design and analyze nearly any cantilevered or restrained retaining wall, concrete or masonry, with just about any configuration and loading condition. Segmental retaining walls (with or without geogrids (MSE) too!

  • Loading conditions include axial, surcharges, adjacent footings, impact, wind, seismic (due to earth pressure and/or self-weight).
  • Stem can be divided and stepped for up to five changes in thickness, material, and reinforcing.
  • Immediate downloading after ordering or upgrading.
  • Select building code and RetainPro automatically inserts proper load factors, all of which are editable or set as defaults.
  • Conforms to applicable provisions of IBC 2018/CBC 2019, IBC 2015/CBC 2016, IBC 2012/CBC 2013, IBC 2009/CBC 2010, IBC 2006, ACI 318-14/-11/-08/-05, TMS 402-16, ACI 530-13/-11/-08/-05, and ASCE 7-16/-10/-05.
  • Soldier pile & segmental retaining walls.
  • Gabion gravity walls and multi-wythe large-block walls.
  • Design Status bar for overstress warnings.
  • Allows water table condition, including footing buoyancy.

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$495 for a two seat subscription.

Subscriptions include one calendar year of RetainPro use, technical support, and access to any updates we release during that calendar year.

A two seat subscription is the minimum purchase and is provided at the price of 1 seat. We provide the second seat as a courtesy to allow users to have an activated system at the office and at home.

Additional seats are available at $420 per seat.

RetainPro usage after the initial calendar year of use requires a new / renewed subscription.