Plan Check

IMPORTANT: As of June 2021, RetainPro's earth retention modules are now part of ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library (SEL).

Plan Check licenses are available for the ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library. Plan check license details are at

RetainPro has proven itself to be a very useful tool for Plan Check engineers. With the simple “fill in the blanks” user interface and exceptional capabilities we assist Plan Check Engineers with quick evaluations of submitted calculations.

Plan Check Licenses are FREE. Download form below for details.

As experienced professionals Plan Check Engineers can review a set of calculations and suspect certain elements of a design are over stressed or inadequate. With our simple user interface it is quick and easy for those individuals to enter data and get results.

We also realize that budgeted funds at public agencies are always limited and requests for funds for essential software can take years.

With so many users nationwide, producing calculations for tens of thousands of building elements per year, we would like the reviewing professionals to have the same software to check the work that our users are submitting.

Click Here to obtain a Plan Check License Request Form